Peugeot Partner Wheelchair Accessible WAV Surrey Sussex Kent London South East Essex

Peugeot Partner Wheelchair Accessible Adapted Disability Vehicles are often refered to as WAV vehicles and are commonly available with the very economical 1.6 HDI engine delivering around 45 - 50 MPG with road fund typically £135- £150 per annum. Various companies are responsible for the conversions including Allied, Constables, Gleneagles and GM and are converted with varying rear seating configurations for between 3 and 5 occupants.  The 5 seat Allied conversion  has a ramp which can be folded down to create a flat load area if required becoming a 5 seat MPV when not carrying a wheelchair occupant or as a 3 seat WAV plus wheelchair in that configuration. A Winch is a usual addition to the Allied Horizon model , privacy glass, a Winch and reversing sensors not uncommon. Ramp widths vary between 29 and 32 inches, head heights at around 55 inches with a load platform that will accomadate a small scooter with ease.  MyMobility vehicles supply Peugeot Partner's thoughout the South East, to London and into Sussex, Essex, Surrey, Essex and the Home Counties and offer a home demonstion ad delivery service if required.

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